The following is the process I used to configure DNS for Virtual Hosts on my Qube 2. I tried to accurately capture the streamlined process but there may be typos and other nuances for your specific setup.

From the Cobalt Administrator site, choose Control Panel, then DNS Server Parameters. Click Add Forward Lookup and add the "A" record for your primary domain name. For the primary domain name you can also enable the checkbox for Automatic Reverse Lookup Generation. This will result in the following entries:

caymangroup.com => => caymangroup.com

You can also add "A" records for other machines within this domain. For example, within caymangroup.com my Qube is named polaris and it is also my primary name server registered as ns.caymangroup.com.  So I have the following additional "A" records:

polaris.caymangroup.com =>
ns.caymangroup.com =>

DO NOT create any additional reverse records.

Then add "A" records for each domain you are adding as a Virtual Host. As ax example, I added:

raderlink.com =>
guyholiday.com =>

and then add your "MX" record for mail server lookup. In my case,

caymangroup.com => mail.caymangroup.com

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